Harmon Park
Harmon Park
Harmon Park is home to Bucyrus Area Youth Soccer. Located on North Lane St (just north of Kroger) Harmon park currenlty has a playground and 7 soccer fields ranging from full size soccer fields to small under-9 soccer fields.  We have the benefit and scheduling flexiblity of lighting on the main soccer field.  This site was the former home of the Bucyrus City Schools football team.   In 2008 Bucyrus Area Youth Soccer and the City of Bucyrus recieved over $100,000 dollars in grants to make improvement to south fieldhouse.  This included removing the floor and putting down a new plumbing and new floor.  There are now new men's and women's bathroom and a concession stand in the building. 

In the spring of 2012, BAY Soccer was the beneficiary of the Rotary Auctionfest which allowed the club to build three new feilds on the east side of the complex.  These fields were opened for play in the fall of 2013. 

Our thanks to the following organizations, companies and agencies that made this project possible:

-City of Bucyrus
-Bucyrus Area Community Foundation
-Gannett Foundation
-GE Bucyrus Lamp Plant
-Timken Foundation
-Community Development Block Grant
-BC&G Weithman
-Kinn Bros
-Thompson Bros Masonary
-Advance Fiber Tech
-Owens Electric (Phase II electric & Lighting Project)
-Bucyrus Rotary Club

Special Thanks to Robert Whiteamire of Whiteamire Architects