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Registration is Closed.
Cost is $20 per child. Must be paid through PayPal or at an upcoming Open Registration.
 Please be aware that we have decided this year to make a small change. When you register you must pay through Pay-Pal. We will not consider your registration complete until you have paid. This is due to the fact that we get to many people sign up and then not follow through, which costs the club money. If you dont have a way to use paypal we will have three days that you can sign up and pay in person. The first day will be at the concession stand on a date to be determined. Please contact me at if you have questions.

The PDF is just a release form, not a registration. All registrations must be submitted on-line.

Please note: Registration for fee fall is $35; this includes Spring of 2018 also.  However, there is no fall only price.
Spring 2018 registration fee is $20.

 It is Highly recommonded that you register on-line. Player submitting paper registration will be charged an additional $10 fee.

All players are required to participate in any and all fundraisers when asked. 

Parents are excpected to work concessions when asked by a coach as it is an important part of the clubs operations budget.

Fall 2017 Registration Fee: $35 and includes uniform shirt.

Family Discount for Fall 2017:
1 child  -$35 dollars
2 children-$65 ($5 off)
3 children-$95 ($10 off)
4 children-$125 ($15 off)

All players must wear shorts. No Leggings are to be worn without shorts
Parents must provide black shorts and "soccer socks" (long tube style socks) and "soccer cleats".  Soccer cleats cannot have metal studs and cannot have a toe stud.   Parents must also provide shin guards.  They are available at Sporting goods stores and most Dept stores.  Socks must cover shin guards during games.

The Soccer Club has used equipment available for free.  The display can be seen in the North Field house.  The supply is based on donations and is limited.  

Registration Waiver Form